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it. we have breaking news right at the top right now. deadly shooting in police. >> police were serving in east
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riverdale >> reporter: details are sketchy but here what is we know right now. an unidentified 39-year-old man is dead apparently shot by a prince george's county sheriff deputy who was trying to serve a temporary peace order. now, the peace has been interrupted in this normally quiet neighborhood since then, swarming with crime scene technicians as investigators try to piece together exactly what happened here. we saw one county official remove what appeared to be a bag of evidence from the scene. this alley resulted around 7:30 when the deputy arrived to serve that peace order. it is essentially an order of civil protection involving two unrelated people, pending a court date. >> a female subject allowed the deputy entry into the home. while talking to the female
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subject, a male subject appeared at the rear of house with a firearm. the officer dischannelled his weapon striking the suspect. the subject was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> reporter: to recap, a prowrnlg sheriff deputy shot a man while trying to serve a peace warrant. neither the dead man nor the deputy has been identified. the sheriff deputy is a ten- year veteran on the forms live in riverdale, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. back to you. now to a news alert out of laurel, maryland. the hunt is on for a man who walked into a wal-mart, demanded cash and shot the store manager. it happened early this morning. the store manager is expected to survive. >> reporter: this can easily be described as a chilling crime. anne arundel county police say
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that the nighttime manager at this wal-mart did everything that he was asked to dorks turning over money and walking outside of this parking lot at gunpoint where he was shot for no apparent reason. anne arundel county police are releasing several photos in the hopes that someone will recognize this man and call 911. >> the three photos released by police show what detectives believe is a white male with a slim build, tressed in dark clothing wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt n one picture, he appears to be pulling a shopping cart. >> the call came out about 4:17 in the morning. at that point, he demanded money. received money from the business. it appears he took victim, went out into the parking lot area. gwen, it's little ambiguous at this point as to why or unclear why that happened but the victim was ultimately shot in the upper body. >> reporter: a few minutes later, the fire department received a call for a fire on
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shower in a neighborhood adjacent to the shopping center. investigators believe it was used as the getaway car but declined to release the make and model. >> the vehicle was fully engulfed and we are treating this as a suspect vehicle. >> reporter: this wal-mart is open around the clock and it's unclear how many shoppers or employees were inside at the time of the robbery. a spokesperson said that the map who was shot is part of the management team and employees have been given ar access to counselors if they feel the need. >> reporter: police are describing that vehicle that was torched not far from here as a dark colored van. they have not said whether it was stolen. in laurel, paul wagner, fox 5 news. a warning to women in the district. d.c. police need the public's health who are accused of abducting two women. police describe the suspect as
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four men in their late teens or early 20s. >> we are concerned. in the span of just under two hours, it looks like we had four assaults and on report his that occurred in this small geographic area that, based upon what we know, could potentially be committed by the same individuals. >> reporter: investigators are looking for a burgundy or red four door vehicle. former cia director david petraeus has agreed to testify before a house intelligence committee on the deadly benghazi attack. he appeared reluctant to testify before congress but pressure made him change in mind. he will testify on friday. today, paula broadwell has had her security clears suspended. jill kelley is the other woman
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involved in this story. she is the one who called the fbi. kelley and her husband had a close relationship with the petraeus and that the kelleys are in maiming otherdebt owing more than $2 million on a building they own. the president held his first conference after his election. sex scandal, secret documents and a new secretary of state. >> if the president was expecting a new honeymoon with reporters, that quickly disappeared in the wake of the sex scandal that took down cia director david petraeus. >> i have no evidence from what i have seen that classified information was disclosed that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security. >> reporter: the scandal has now 'em broiled afghanistan commander general john allen. when asked if the fbi should have revealed the investigation to him in the country prior to the election, the president
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withheld judgment. >> it is also possible that, had we been told, then you would be sitting here asking about why are you interfering in a criminal investigation? >> reporter: on the fiscal cliff the country faces at the end of the year, the president insisted he would not extend bush tax cuts for the wealthy but demanded middle class tax cuts get extended now >> i'm confident that parties, folks of good will in both parties can make that happen. what i'm not going to do is to extend bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% that we can't afford and, according to economists, will have the least positive impact on our economy. >> reporter: the president grew emotional when asked about republicans who had blasted u.n. ambassador susan rice for her comments opt benghazi attack adding that it would not affect her possible nomination as secretary of state. for them to go after the u.n.
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ambassador who had nothing to do with benghazi and was simply making a presentation based on intelligence that she had received and to beesmirch her reputation is outrageous. >> and in the wake of super storm sandy, the president made his most poignant comments yet on his belief in global warming. >> there have been an extraordinarily large number of severe weather events here in north america but also around the globe. and i am a firm believer that climate change is real. that it is impacted by human behavior and carbon emissions. >> president was also asked wednesday if he briefs he has a mandate. the president says he does and thinks that voters had a clear understanding of the two different paths that both he and mitt romney laid out during
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campaign. the president added that congress should pay attention to last week's results. in the newsroom, tom fitz gerald, fox 5 news. this is the first press conference he had after being re-elected. before we get to the specific topic, i want to ask you about the president himself. did you think he had a different demeanor or different swagger. >> sean, you are telepathic. you read my mind. i was going to say, he seemed much more relaxed, much more amiable, not the least bit defensive. he has not had a press conference since march, he seemed to enjoy it. he got elected. i think he is still savoring that victory and he seems very comfortable with himself and the press. let's get down to the topics at hand. let's go back and ask about the whole petraeus scandal. the president didn't have a lot
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to say about it. do you think he handled it the right way? >> i don't think he could have said anything else. all the stories seemed to change from day-to-day. it would not be, i think, helpful to his own posture for him to weigh in. it's stthe general is going to again -- not again, but on friday. he just wants it see where this is going. >> let me ask you about the big thing. reporters seemed to press him on the attack on benghazi. he was fired up, emotional as tom fitzgerald put it. do you think that the gop unfairly targeted the president and what do you think of his response? >> i never have seen him react like that where he went after lindsey graham and john mccain
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who was his opponent four years ago. you know, he said if you have a problem, come after me. and lindsey graham and john mccain did. i think he was right and justified. susan rice is a native washingtonian, went to national cathedral school here. people know her. i think he was absolutely right. she had nothing to do with benghazi but the criticism should have been more at hillary clinton who that's her department, the state department and she was just repeating what was given to her and she was the fall person n this case, i think that was justified. whether or not, because of the controversy, you know, one senator can put a hold on the nomination and they've said that they would. i would be surprised now, just because of the controversy, not because of her qualifications whether he wants a confirmation
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donnie brook over susan rice or somebody else who very much wants the job, john kerry, who is responsible for obama's year. he picked him to be the keynote speaker in 2004. >> reporter: the president still has never actually said he was going to nominate susan rice, anyway. so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. mark, thanks so much for coming in. we always appreciate you being here. a local toll road raising its rates again. find out how much it will cost you to drive, coming up. and maryland's biggest casino making major changes. we are talking about tailgates. it is cold out there right now. a few high cloud. temperatures are head down below 32 degrees in many spots and into the mid-30s i'll let you know what to expect tomorrow and we are looking closely at the weekend, too, coming your way. and george washington university has been tossed off the list of america's best
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colleges find out why, at 11:00. ♪
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the largest casino in maryland announced that it will nearly double the size of it work force. it all comes because of the approval of question 7 by maryland voters. fox 5's john hanrahan has the story. >> reporter: david kordish came in smiling, escorted by some of the people. maryland live is the third largest casino in the united states. but on november 6th, maryland voters changed a lot of rules for gaming opening the door to table games with human dealers. although state regulators have not yet issued final rules, the kordish company is moving ahead now to beef up their work force. >> we are really here to announce, among other things, the commencement of our hiring
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of 1200 new employees which, when added to the employees already here, will bring us very close to 3000 employees. >> reporter: partnering with anne arundel community college, the casino will offer a free 12- week course that will teach local residents how to be dealers at black jack tables or how to operate a roulette station. currently, maryland live closes at 2:00 a.m. on weekdays and 4:00 a.m. on weekends. operators plan to use the new law to offer gaming 24 hours a day. they believe that the addition of human table dealers games with bring in people who are not fans of the current electronic gambling. we asked customers if that's true. >> i don't know. i like the human dealers. electronics are nights, too. feels more like a casino if you have human dealers. >> reporter: paula was having a very good day atthe electronic
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roulette table. how much have you won? >> 1100 and1102 human dollars. >> why do you like that better? >> because they talk too long to pay you. this is the way to do it. >> >> before getting home on this day, pla dunsen got lucky again, this time to the tune of $3600. maryland live plans to offer both in the future, the current electronic games and as many as 150 tables with human operators on duty. best guess as to when the human table games will arrive, early next year, that depends on statelicensing. for information on the free dealer classes, check on my website, john henrehan, fox 5 news.
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>> within two years, d.c. homes to of dollars as part of mayor gray's plan. >> this project created 400 construction jobs, had 200 new full-time positions. >> reporter: there has also been talk of a new medical center coming to the district. mayor gray says that the five- year plan includes d.c. residents in many different trades. >> get ready to pay more to drive on the dulles toll road. rates will go up in 2013 and will go up another 75 cents. the current one-way fair for the full lengths of the rod is 2.25 there are. all of that money will be used to help faye for phase 2 of the expansion to the dulles airport maryland lawmakers are asking president obama to declare a major disaster in the state following super storm sandy. the state's congressional delegation wrote the president
10:20 pm
a letter asking for a declaration. it would allow assistance from fema. in new york, a class action lawsuit has been filed against two utility companies. the long island power authority and national grid are accused of breach of contract, gross negligence and fraud for response to the power outages. the suit claims that the companies were unprepared, gross mismanagement. the lawsuit comes as tens of thousands of homes are still without power. fox's molly lyon has the story. >> we will not tolerate delays in this lawsuit. >> new york city mayor bloomberg says that seven new restoration centers will open and will offer one-stop service, providing everything from basic supplies to applications for state and federal assistance. victims will also have cesac
10:21 pm
to nyc rapid repairs, a new program which sends teams of contractors and city inspectors to affected areas to quickly repair affected mes. >> this program is crucial for homeowners until power can be turned back on until certain repair are made. >> certain staten island residents have taken relief on their own, setting up shelters, food distribution center >> we went full force turning this into what the people needed. people lost their homes. >> reporter: the evident is an island-based operation with neighbors helping neighbors. >> coming up next, one of robert griffin iii's endorsement deals took the spotlight at redskins park today. a little later, a growing crisis nationwide involving children. why millions can't get the critical care they need. fox 5 investigates the pediatrician shortage. 
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despite their record, there is a sense of optimism around redskins park. the bye week apparently did the skins good. who knew a 3-of record would put nut playoff hunt but as the nfc east as a whole is struggling, it's rejuvenated the skins locker room, keeping that postseason berth hope alive. they are just 2 1/2 games behind the giants, with 8 games to go. the 3-2 eagles have lost five straight. the longest stretch in andy reid's tenure. cowboys are not much better, 4- 5, even the giants who slid the last two games at 22-4. robert griffin iii says he cleared his head over the bye week and has
10:26 pm
come back hungrier, not just to turn their fortunes around but for lunch as well. >> i'm really hungry right now, talking to you guys, but -- there you go. i didn't say it, people. >> reporter: 2 for 1. >> he d eat fresh. i thought i was hungry before, before the bye week. you come back and you realize, you know, just how much energy you have, just having that energy off, getting away. not that you don't want to see them you want to see them all the time but to come back with a lot more energy. you just know that everybody is looking, you know, at me, to be the guy to make everything work. >> griffin was already voted cocaptain by his teammates over the bye week. 'em' try to lead his team -- he will try to lead his team to the first win in three weeks. imagine trying to see a doctor but you have to wait months. find out what is behind the
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severe shortage of pediatricians, next. ♪ [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪ our city streets... ♪ skies around the world... ♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work, northrop grumman.
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lawmakers on capitol hill are trying to get to the bottom of a deadly meningitis fungal virus. the opener and derek tort pharmacy linked to the tainted drugs pleaded the fifth. the wife of a victim testified about her heartbreaking ordeal. >> whoever is responsible, i want them to know their lack of attention to their duties cost my husband his life, cost my family, caused them a loss that we will never recover from. >> reporter: 32 people died, more than 400 became sick. hundreds of sick children
10:31 pm
are waiting months and months just to see a doctor. a short annual of pediatricians means that some children are not getting the care they need. it's a crisis that's getting worse. sherrie li is taking a look at the investigation. >> reporter: for oswaldo and chez to get back on his feet, even walking is a major accomplishment. >> it's getting better. >> reporter: the 7 yearly had cerebral palsy on his legs but he waited four months to get into physical therapy. his mom, janet sanchez, believes that causedcritical delay. >> he is so determined, to get around. if he had had the help, he would have been working by now. >> reporter: pediatric patients who need critical care or
10:32 pm
surgery face lengthy waits. >> much better. >> i heard stories. i talked with mothers in wait can rooms, sometimes, and they talk about that. >> reporter: long waits are common, too at ellen hanberger's pack timplets i know that other practices in the area, we are part of a consortium of six pediatric practices, we have had quite a bit of difficulty recruiting pediatricians. >> reporter: one study found as many as 8.1 million chirp have no pediatrician in their area. the shortage is compounded by the lack of what is called pediatric sub specialists. these are the doctors who treat kids were more severe medical conditions. >> we have had great difficulty accessing, having our patients access sub specialists in the last several years. >> reporter: while the standard
10:33 pm
wait for an appointment is two weeks, a survey by the children's hospital association found children who need a pediatric subspecialist may wait 7 times longer to see a specialist. there is such a short annual, some patients drive hundreds of miles to see a specialist >> reporter: the delay can be critical. sometimes, a matter of life or death. take the case of 14-year-old michael job son who waited. he ended in the emergency room before the appointment ever arrived. he had a brain tumor. >> its find out if it's going to be two months or find out if you have to drive to another city to cut the wait to four weeks, that's dangerous. >> the wait time for pediatric neurology is nearly nine weeks. genetics, about 11 weeks and developmental pediatric more than 14 weeks for an
10:34 pm
appointment. nearly four months, that's the average with many more patients waiting even longer. >> you don't always know exactly what negative impact will be. so, oftentimes, the lack of things in their early years show up much later in life. >> reporter: you can think in part the killer debt for medical school. the machine medical association says that young doctors graduate with an annual debt of more than $160,000 while salaries in pediatrics lag behind other doctors and specialists. for dr. claire boggard, a pediatric resident in the district, that's a tough choice. >> i think a lot of people had a lot of financial pressure and made some decisions based on that. >> budget cuts in congress threaten to eliminate programs that pay for medical students to go into pediatrics. that could make a bad situation worse for patients like oswaldo already facing delays. >> right now, he is on a waiting list. he is not a priority, i guess. so he gets down on the bottom
10:35 pm
of the waiting list. >> reporter: no one understands the critical short am as much as the families who may not have the time to wait. sherry li, fox 5 news to boost the number of pediatrician, the affordable care act has a provision to help with the medical school debt. people who go into pediatric could get more than$100,000 to repay. scary moments for bon jovi's daughter. find out why she could be in serious trouble with police. th there is good news for
10:36 pm
consumers. hole sales prices falling the very same month led by a big drop in energy cost. the food prices do stay up due mainly of a drought. another mainly, major recall for toyota. toyota is recalling of 270,000 vehicles in the u.s. due to a defective steering system and water pumps. several models are included, including the hybrid pray just and wal-mart is going gourmet. for 7 bucks a months, they will send you several fancier food items not available at wal-mart stores. if you like the goodies, you can buy them online. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.  mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. 
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a confessed killer has been indicted in the disappearance of six-year-old ethan patz. he confessed to police earlier this year. defense attorneys say that hernandez is mentally ill officers were called to the dorm room of rocker jon bon jovi. a small amount of her relationship was found in her room. reps for the father had no comment. people magazine seen named chaning tatum the sexiest man alive. the actor had been heating up the film screens. people magazine sin says that tatum did not win the honor on his looks alone. >> 's great looking guy, obviously. he seems like a really sweet, nice person. he is artist tick, does pottery, he loves to cook.
10:41 pm
he as all these quirky little traits that are sweet and appeal to women. >> tatum says he was stunned to hear the news. but the newly crowned star is off the market, ladies. he has been married to actress jenna tatum since it 2009. a dancer falls on her head in front of thousands. hear how she is doing tonight and george washington university knocked off a prestigious list. students react at 11:00. =8
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when families sit down at dinner for thanksgiving, some children will be missing a family members. and an organization has come up with a way to help children who have parents behind bars. through art. >> reporter: the walls are
10:45 pm
adorned with murals made by children with their fathers. dads in brings son and some for a very, very long time. >> it was fun to get to see him after months and months without seeing him. >> reporter: these mules depict the perfect day for father and child if they could be together. ten-year-old jiah, a gymnast, dreams of having her dad watch her win a gold medal. >> we decided to make the mural as if he could make it to one of my competitions. >> reporter: she and her dad workz on had mural behind bars at the prison where he is serving time. it's all part of the father and child summer camp organized by home pals that brings kids together with their incarcerated fathers for a week each summer. the last day is always the hardest. >> when fathers watch their chirp walk out the door, you know if they didn't get before the cons conditions of what they did, they get it at that moment when they say good-bye to the children on the last day and it changes lives.
10:46 pm
it changes the father's lives. it saves many lives in a lot of ways and it saves the kids because they no lorne feel like they have been abandoned by the father. and that's important. >> i made a pro police that if i ever get out, i will never use drug or alcohol ever again. >> reporter: the little girls lo made this mural never met her father, never even saw a picture of him. if you walked into prison that first day, she ran and jumped into his arms. she told the counselor she saw herself in his face and knew right away it was him. a new movie still in production tells the story of hope pals. the prison in lorton closed and children from sent to facility across the country. the children leave camp with so much more. they leave with hope.
10:47 pm
jaia and her dad wrote about it in a journal that she keeps with her. >> i read that journal every day and i think, wow, we spent a lot of time together during that one week. you learn a lot about each other. >> like the flame of this candle of don't between father and child burns brightly. so does the hope that these perfect days will happen one day soon. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> great story. all right let's talk about this forecast. how are we doing? >> it's chilly. a lot of places are already down to 33 degrees. we're going to stay on the chilly side for the next few days. pretty dry, too. we have a little bit of precip in the forecast. i'll show you where we think that will be coming into play here in just a moment. for the short term, it's bundle up night and we are going to see a few clouds coming in, it's going to be a little bit
10:48 pm
chilly here. check out the weather head line because it is a chilly trend that we are on and we're going to continue to follow here for the next several days. average high about 59 degrees. we were about 10 degrees below that today with lots of sunshine. beautiful day, don't you agree, without the wind. you can really tolerate 49 degrees when you have all that sunshine heating things up. dulles 46. bwi thurgood marshall at 48 degrees. pretty chilly out there. we found winchester, martinsburg, down to 38 degrees. manassas, you get the spot for being the coolest spot around town. we do have some high thin clouds that are coming in. things might get a little thicker as we go into the overnight hours, so hopefully things won't be as cold. a little nice gathering in the deep south. this is going to make its way to the coast and probably sit down here and spin for the next couple of days but we are not
10:49 pm
expecting that to get into our area. high pressure is going to block it out for the time being. here is what's going on at the surface. there is the high pressure that has been ruling the roost today, still keeping a north breeze here. that's why we are below normal. looks like that moisture will have a hard time getting closer than, say, very extreme southern virginia. we will see some clouds from that moisture tomorrow. while i don't think it will be any warmer than it was today, it probably won't be quite as sunny either. as we have some of these clouds to dodge. on friday shall high pressure kind of numbers back into control and it will be a brighter day. so expect more full sunshine. probably only 2 or 3 degrees rise in temperatures as the wind direction shifts just slightly. way below 3 it in some of the suburban areas and maybe staying in the upper 20s for a few of you despite the fact that we'll have some clouds. tomorrow, 49 degrees, mixture of sun and clouds. chilly with the winds out of
10:50 pm
the now east at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. a cold start, colder in the suburbs. by noon, 46 with clouds and sun. by 4:00, that mix of sun and clouds will bring a temperatures of 47 degrees. you can see that out to our west, you may only recover to the mid-40s tomorrow. 46 for manassas, dulles, 48 culpeper. fredericksburg about 49 degrees. let's talk about the weekend because we have have another coastal system that will be down to the south. it will be a slow mover. but on saturday, while we have a mix of sun and clouds, i expect the clouds to thicken later in the day. because the coastal will be off our shores, it may be close enough to throw in some showers. the best chance for those showers and sunday will be from d.c. on east but we'll keep an eye on that system. 54 degrees on saturday with late day clouds. sunday, a little bit cloudier
10:51 pm
and cooler. temperatures about 511 degrees. yes, the chance for a few showers. not looking like a huge deal. look at our future cast here quickly, we are in and out of the cloud to. but that moisture does not get here because it is blocked by high pressure. into the weekend, we find a secretary system trying to develop down here. this will be another coastal but it looks like it's going to be fairly east of d.c. and again that's just a chance for a few showers here and there. so let's wrap it up. fox 5 accu weather. we are still talking about temperature below average. 49 tomorrow. that's the coolest day. and about the warmest we're going to be abling to do here. maybe 54 degrees maybe next tuesday. right now looking towards travel day, wednesday, not looking too bad. just a few showers in the sunday, monday time frame but nothing that we can't handling. sound good. >> thanks. six new floats are available for this years' macy's pa rai.d among them the
10:52 pm
teenage mutant ninja, ncaa basketball. >> i'm looking forward to the turtle. less than a week before thanks and that means a lot of shopping for consumers looking to cash in on the black friday deal. this year, the bargains are coming earlier. >> reporter: this year, black friday is starting on thursday and stores will be opening earlier than ever. >> you want to shop early, they want to shop early. for the first time, wal-mart, sears and toys'r'us will open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving night. target will open at 9:00. best buy, sports authority, macy's and kofi orleans lindsays will open at midnight. that's more stores opening on thanksgiving than last year and earlier hours. showing the serious competition for your dollars. >> other places are doing it. you better do it because, otherwise, they won't have any money left when it comes time
10:53 pm
for your opening. >> some shoppers are thrilled. >> i think it's a good thing because then you don't have to wake up at 3:00 in the morning and wait in line, in the freezing colds. >> but others think that's a terrible idea. >> i think that's a shame. i think there are some special days out of the year and i think that's one of them. >> reporter: many want to save the holiday as a time to spend with family. >> you want to go shopping on thanksgiving or have turkey? >> have turkey. >> reporter: an online pe test at to take high road and safe things by not opening on that day. more than 170,000 people have already signed. one person calling the early opening a tad evil to make people work that holiday. but for many people wanting one of those door busterprizes -- it all seems worth it. >> that was fox's kim posey reporting. coming up on fox 5, a group of wounded warriors take a leap of faith less than a mile from
10:54 pm
walter reed. what they hope to accomplish, next. how the mom welt is ready for winter's worst, on the news edge. and if you see a story you think we should look into, give us a call or accepted us an e- mail. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. they are on a mission to inspire all of us. a leap of faith at 6500 feet. followed by red, white and blue, unfield against a perfect sky. >> the moment you are in the air, it's i'm going. >> it was incredible. you could see the whole nation's capital. that was the first tourmaline i jumped out of an airplane
10:58 pm
today. >> two. -the-the machine who jumped are wounded warriors who lost their leg. >> he stepped on an ied two years ago. >> we found an i. d. >> reporter: the american flag has even more meaning. >> guys lost their lives to our country and those special glass that we jumped into today were -- it was just incredible. >> dana beaumont was on the army jump team. >> i was in a mid-air collision. my partner hit me in mid-air. his arms sheared both my legs in mid-air. >> evident treated at old war ter reed five month after he lost his leg. he snuck out of the hospital to do a pair sought jump. >> when monday morning came with the doctors and nurse, how was your weekend?
10:59 pm
it was grand. >> with a group called skies liberty and a professional jump group, they are inspiring people. on this day, the destination is walter reed. >> let them know that the guys who lost both legs can still land on target. they can, time' not the disability but it's the ability. >> the human spirit is right here in bethesda. >> fullman retired from the army. fletcher is still an active duty marine and also a patient at walter reed himself. one year out from his injuries, he offered some perspective. >> we only live one life and i'm not going to let one little thing slow me down. i hope that everyone does the same. i just jumped out of an airplane. i'm 24, with no legs and gym upping from a plane. i mean, there's a lot to do. there is no need to keep your head down. raise your chin. >> he says it is about you moving the world instead of letting the world move you. in bethesda, beth

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